Life As a Dancer, Dentist, and College Speaker

It all started with my blog post, "10 Tips to Help You Succeed As a College Bound Dancer." That blog post caught the eye of an advisor at Oregon State, who thought it was interesting that I was a Dentist with Breaking as a hobby. He invited me to come speak to his students, and I thought it would be interesting to try to turn my blog post into a presentation that was applicable to a student balancing college with life.

First presentation was a success. Thank you APCC!

The first presentation served as a template, and as I shared my experiences via social media, I got contacted by the hip hop club (PSHA) at Portland State to speak as well. Of course, I was interested and once again saw it as an opportunity to improve my presentation and inspire the younger generation in my own city.

So after talking with PSHA, we decided to try something different with this one. I knew that the majority of my audience would be dancers, So this time around, we did a presentation, Q + A session, followed by a breaking workshop going over the training regimen I used during my time in college and dental school.







There was a good amount of high school students traveling from all over Portland via public transportation to be a part of the presentation/workshop. I got the opportunity to inspire - many in the audience at Portland State I keep in contact with regularly and go to practice with. Second workshop was a success. Thank you PSHA!

My Mission: To help the younger generation understand that they don't have to quit dancing to pursue higher education. I want to show them that it's possible to balance both. Aside from that, I hope to inspire my audience to look past the job title, cultivate their passion and apply it to whatever career they choose.  It's a continual process of improvement for me and each presentation is custom tailored to the audience.

The truth is, I see myself in a lot of the people that have been going to these presentations. It wasn't long ago that I was in college, not knowing what I wanted to do, not knowing how to go about doing it. If my story can serve as inspiration to one kid during each presentation, it would all be worth it.

Here's the top 3 questions and answers from the Portland State workshop.


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Thank you to An Vuong for the photography at the Oregon State event, Vaandy Ouk for the photography + Michael Thilavanh for the videography at the Portland State event.

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- Hieu Pham, DMD

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