Children's Dentistry


We Love Your Kids!

At Atlas Dental, kids are our favorite patients. We get the chance to care for their little smiles and help them learn excellent oral hygiene from an early stage. We offer pediatric dentistry services for children of all ages, from the baby with the first tooth to teenagers. Contact Atlas Dental today to schedule an appopintment and let us care for your children’s smiles in a gentle, caring atmosphere with our dental care services.

Family Scheduling

When you have more than one smile to care for, it can be difficult to find time for all your dental visits during your busy schedule. Make it easy to get everyone’s smile cared for at the same time with family scheduling. Talk to our office staff about family block appointments. It is the easiest way to ensure all your kids get their dental checkups in one trip.

Gentle and Caring Treatment

At Atlas Dental, we understand the importance of making our youngest patients feel comfortable at our office. Many people who fear the dentist had poor experiences as a child. We want to ensure none of our little patients ever fear coming to us for dental care. We use a gentle, caring approach that will put them at ease.